Cockapoo puppies make great pets. Read below for more information on them or give us a call today! specializes in breeding devoted, adoring and beautiful companions in each Cockapoo puppy.  Expert puppy care and complete customer satisfaction are our top priorities, and we match each adorable pup with the perfect owner.  



All of our puppies are individually socialized, so they are comfortable around many other people and animals.  They all receive the upmost loving, nurturing care to maintain their soft fur, proud stride and cultivate gentle, intelligent personalities.  The Cockapoo combines many of the best features of the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle to make a unique pet that is kind, affectionate, smart and stunning.  Cockapoos are hypoallergenic so they make a great companion in even the most sensitive environment, and they adapt easily to new people, homes and other animals. 



Cockapoos are one of the most rewarding pets to own and we are pleased to bring their signature joy and excitement into new homes.  Take a look at the puppies to find your new friend or call us to find out more about, cockapoo breeder in Exeter, Missouri.  


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Please contact us with any informational needs as well as upcoming litter waiting lists.

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