Why Buy a Cockapoo Puppy?


Reasons to Buy Cockapoo Puppies


Cockapoo puppies derive their name and appearance from the American cocker spaniel and the poodle. This mixed breed includes only the desirable qualities of its parents. Cockapoo puppies have characteristics like sturdy build, friendly and loyal nature from cocker and like poodle, the breed is intelligent, non-shedding and less dangerous. Unlike cocker and poodle, cockapoo puppies are less prone to genetic defects.

Cockapoo puppies are also known as cockerpoo, spoodle and cockerdoodle. These small dogs have been popular in the United States since the 1950’s. Cockapoo puppies come in a number of coat types like tight curly, medium curly and flat coat and colors like white, brown, black and silver body with contrasting color on legs. Here are some of the reasons why cockapoo puppies make the perfect pets:


  • Ideal for children: The fun, loving, calm and mellow nature of these puppies make them ideal for children. In fact, cockapoo puppies love to be with children and easily become the best companions of children. Children can also develop a responsible behavior by taking care of the puppy by feeding it, taking it for walks, and keeping it clean.


  • Good health: Cockapoo puppies are less prone to the health related problems due to their tendency to overeat and love for physical exercise. These puppies remain fit with regular exercise and their good immunity keeps them safe from disease. If you don’t have a small yard at your home, then it is recommended to take them for daily walks.


  • Easy to train: Due to their high intelligence, cockapoo puppies are quite easy to train. With firm handling and right training techniques, these puppies can become the best companions for children and adults alike.


  • Long life: Cockapoo puppies tend to live for up to 12-15 years. With proper medical care, nutrition and good living conditions, cockapoo puppies can live a long and healthy life. The dogs are easy to maintain with weekly brushing and bathing along with clipping of nails.


  • Suitable for allergy sufferers: Being dirt resistant, water repellant and hypoallergenic, cockapoo puppies are suitable for people who suffer from allergies. These puppies also do not shed hair or carry diseases, which are the two factors that cause most of the allergy problems.


Cockapoo puppies are very affectionate, friendly and sweet natured. For all these qualities these puppies remain in harmony with other dogs and pets. You can buy a cockapoo puppy for yourself or gift it to your friends or family members. At www.mycockapoofriends.com, you can buy well trained cockapoo puppies at highly discounted prices.

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