Caring for Cockapoo Puppies


How to Take Care of Cockapoo Puppies


Cockapoo puppies are a hybrid breed of cocker spaniel and poodle. These puppies inherit the properties of both parents but maximum of cocker spaniel and a part of poodle. Cockapoo puppies are intelligent and easily trainable due to the fact that they are born of fine tempered and energetic parents. Cockapoos are known for their patience, friendly nature and sturdy build. Cockapoo puppies are less prone to skin diseases and tend to live a long span of time approximately 18–22 years. Taking care of these loving pets is extremely essential for their long and healthy life. Here are some tips that can help you to provide your cockapoo puppy with the best possible care:


Brush and comb your puppy: Brush and comb your puppy at least thrice a week. It is essential for removing dirt and adding vitality to the skin. It is also helpful in spreading the natural body-oil on whole body to keep it moist.


Provide them a healthy diet: The meal of your cockapoo puppy should include dry premium food as it provides nutrition and is easily digestible. Feed the large pups twice a day while smaller ones thrice a day. Also, keep fresh water available all the time for your cockapoo puppy except when it is in the crate.


Provide cockapoo puppies a fine crate: It is essential to provide your puppy a fine crate for the safety and sleeping purposes. Go for the plastic crates as these are warmer and darker than those made of wood or iron. Try to keep your puppy inside the crate whenever it cries or screams.


Train your puppy: Cockapoo puppies become ready for training after they have attained the age of 3-4 weeks. Provide you puppy with the crate training, house training, etc. Crate training is provided to make the puppy feel that crate is a very secure place for them and they should sleep or rest in their crate only. House training includes making them understand the commands or words like ‘go’ and ‘come’.


Keep your puppy clean: Bathe your puppy at least once a week to prevent their skin from drying. Avoid letting the shampoo go inside their eyes and nose, rinse them well and dry them with a towel. Get them used to ear inspection and ear cleaning. Also, regularly check their nails and trim them whenever necessary.


It is also recommended to not to provide any kind of special treatment to cockapoo puppies when they are young as there are chances that they may get spoiled and out of control. You can visit to buy cockapoo puppies, puggle puppies, cavapoo puppies and maltipoo puppies at reasonable rates.

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